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Architectural Design Services

Architectural design services involve all aspects of the design and construction process. Whether you are a new homeowner or a business owner, you can benefit from working with an architect throughout the project. The architect will be your guide – helping you make the right decisions, speaking to other building professionals on your behalf and making sure the project (when built) meets the design intent of your drawings and is constructed according to industry standards and local codes.
Full Architectural Services

In order to provide a comprehensive set of services, we break the entire design process into six phases and employ a systematic approach that is defined by the AIA. Each phase has its own set of goals and deliverables. Each is designed to help the project move forward while ensuring that all stakeholders understand what they can expect, when they can expect it and what’s expected of them.
Phase 1: Pre-Design

This is the earliest stage of design and involves researching and collecting information. This includes understanding the site, determining if there are any other structures on the property, what the client wants from their building and more. It also involves brainstorming, sketching and modeling various design ideas.

Once the pre-design is complete, an architect will prepare a schematic design and meet with the client to discuss their ideas and feedback. They will then analyze that feedback and make changes if needed.

If the design is accepted, an architect will then proceed to the second phase of design and begin preparing more detailed drawings and a specification book. These documents will help the owner select a contractor and get bids for construction.

After the owner has chosen a contractor, the architect will assist the client by answering contractors’ questions and providing any additional documentation they request. This phase typically takes up 5% of an architect’s time and fees.

Next, the architect will prepare for bidding and submittal of permit applications. This is the most time-consuming phase of design and is where multiple contractors submit bids for the job.

During this phase, an architect will be coordinating with the contractor, making sure that the project is running smoothly and meeting all design goals. The architect will also be addressing any construction issues that come up and providing updates.
Phase 2: Design Development

Once the design has been finalized, an architect will then prepare construction documents for submission to the construction team. These documents will include everything from floor plans, wall sections, elevations, lighting, furniture layouts and foundation plans.

These are important to the building’s overall functionality and appearance. During the design development phase, the architect will also be communicating with the engineer to ensure that all necessary engineering is included in the documents.

Finally, the architect will create construction drawings and a set of specifications for the construction team to follow during the build. These documents will have details for every aspect of the building’s structure and are designed to help the construction team complete the project correctly and on schedule.

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